Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Good Yarn!

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early and feeling better than I have for days. The sun was shining and as I drove out to Cleethorpes, I could tell it was going to be a good day.

I went here.... 'A Good Yarn' in Cambridge Street, a mere 10 minute drive from my house.

Every knitter knows how important it is to have a fab shop locally and until now, the nearest shop to me has been Spins and Needles in Lincoln which is fab but an hour away from me so when Kate got in touch with me about stocking my things in her new shop, I was very excited.

Yesterday was the opening day and the shop was amazing! My photos are not though so please imagine the carpeted steps outside the door, the chandeliers in the shop, the bookcase full of wonderful Herdy accessories ... or just head off and see it for yourself.

Walking in the door, there was Michele knitting next to her amazing blanket..

I really want to knit these colourful cardigans that are in the window.....

...and the walls are filled with wonderful yarn and books that make me want to never sleep so that I might have time to make some of the great designs.

And even if you don't really need any more stash enhancement, how about a great knitty gift. These bracelets were so tempting. I might have to go back and buy one next week ;)

Walking through the shop leads to the lounge. Here is where the regular knit and natters will happen. Grandma and Jeanne were already nattering. Less of the old knitting though ;)

Have a closer look at the Royal Wedding display on the chest. I spied some of the limited edition Fyberspates Royal Wedding yarn ;)

And behind the lounge, is the dining room. Not sure these are the official names but here is where tea and cake were happening....

I really wish Kate all the best with her new venture and will be popping back in the very near future.


Michele said...

Wow, Nic - what a lovely post! Really gives a great overview of the shop. It was an amazing first day and I'm sure it's going to be a huge success!

Just Original said...

It looks great, shame I am not a knitter, but tea & cake is definately a lure. I only live an hour away!

Yes it is bark on the hen house, but to be honest they are digging it up and kicking it out of the house. My friends dad makes rubber chippings which I think might be better!

Vanessa x

Daisy said...

Wish I had a lovely yarn shop that close to me! It looks wonderful.

marie-france said...

Oh that looks a lovely shop, wish it was just a bit nearer. I like those cardis in the window too, do you know what they are?

carrad said...

Hi Nic, found your blog! It was a great knitty session on Saturday, wasn't it? I put the same title on my blog - I must try to be more original! I'm following you now xx