Friday, September 30, 2011

FO Friday. The first of the babies...

Everyone seems to be having babies at the moment and three people announced they were pregnant at work today so I don't think the trend will be slowing any time soon. This is good because I have discovered that baby knitting is fun. 

A few weeks ago I finished this for my new niece and as we went to see her and the In-laws at the weekend, I can show it for FO Friday.

 The photos aren't that great. I took them when we had autumn for a few weeks and there was no light. The second photo is a truer colour but it was still a bit brighter than it shows.

It was a fairly easy knit and I love how it looks, especially all of the picked up stitches around the colour.  I'm not sure it will get much wear for a few months because even though I did the smallest size, E was only 6lb so I think it might drown her now!

The pattern was from Sirdar and the yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Smiles DK.

I have another FO but I'll leave that for another week. Don't forget that it is Macmillian's World's Biggest Coffee Morning today and I am donating 20% of all sales from my Nicsknots and Phoenix Cards shops to Macmillian. More on my last blog post.   I am going to go over to Tami's blog and find some more Fo's before I go out for Pudding Club-not the baby type-4 puddings in a meal Pudding Club!!


Karen said...

The sweater is so cute and the button is perfect.

Marushka C. said...

What baby would want to wear boring pastels when they could have a sweater as beautiful as this? I love it!

erin said...

that sweater is so adorable! I love the colors and especially the button you chose =)

I agree, it's awesome to have lots of babies to make knits for!