Friday, October 07, 2011

FO Friday. The baby one with the funny name

 Another FO Friday, another baby thing for an as yet unborn baby. I haven't sewn any buttons on yet because I don't know if it will be going to a girl or boy but here is my Pueperium Cardigain.

This is a fab pattern. It took me a day to knit and there was no sewing up! My kind of knitting. It has little buttonholes up the side but I don't think I will put a button right at the top as I think it will be too high under a babies sweaty little neck.

The name, puerperium, refers to the 6 weeks directly after birth and I think this little cardigan will be fab for a brand-new baby when their arms are all non-bendy and trying to get them dressed makes you feel like you are forcing them into a straight-jacket. I made the sleeves short as I thought it would be great worn over a plain baby-gro for a bit of added warmth.

If you are feeling remotely broody, I suggest you don't go and have a look at the project page for this on Ravelry as there and loads of newborns there, all brand-new in their ace new cardis.  Instead, hop over to Tami's blog and see what industrious people we have been this week.

I've run out of my cheating finished knitting now and Fibre Flurry is at the end of *this* very month so you know what my next FO needs to be don't you?


Kathleen said...

Oh wow, that cardigan is amazing. Very cool pattern (and YAY for no-sewing up, too!), and A++ yarn selection (ajlksdf;j those colours. So wonderful and fabulously non-traditional-baby) and knitting by you. :D

Amy said...

Aw, what a sweet little sweater! I haven't knit any baby garments I might look at this pattern. Very precious.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

So cute! Love the colours. Funny, as you describe it I can just feel the squirmy bendy baby!