Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Macmillian Cancer Support

Friday sees the 21st annual World's Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillian Cancer Suppport. For the past two years I have had a coffee morning or wine evening but this year, things have been so busy that I haven't had time to organise anything.  I was going to give it a miss for the year. I did the Race for Life earlier in the year and sometimes, you do need to say no (I'm learning!!) but a fortnight ago, when I was driving to Leeds with the best friend and most positive person in the world ( I can say this because she is currently on a plane to Australia so she won't read it for a while!) that actually, Macmillian are probably the most important cancer charity.

There comes a point that we have to realise that, sadly, in a lot of cases, there is no magic cure for cancer and sadly people do die from the horrid disease. Macmillian help people to live with cancer and deal with loosing loved ones too and while I would absolutely love there to be a magic cure, until then, I think someone there to hold your hand, help you and support you is probably the most important thing you can have.

So, I decided that I had to do something and I thought about a virtual coffee morning. All you need to do is grab yourself a cup of tea or maybe something stronger and of course, some cake some time between now and Monday, have a look at my Phoenix card website and my Nicsknots shop and from anything that you buy, I will donate 20% to Macmillian Cancer Support.

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