Monday, February 20, 2012

Making (memories) Monday

I'm a bit aware that my blog is getting a bit Nicsknots related at the moment. A while back, I was worried that people would think I never did any work as I waffled about my mad kids and chickens and life but now it seems to have gone the other way so today I am going to attempt to redress that balance.

We had a fab day yesterday. I had been meaning to go to The Yorkshire Sculpture Park for ages but it's about an hour and a half away from us and sometimes it feels like such a huge effort to dig the man and boy-folk out of the house and away from their computers and beds that we don't get there but Mr Nicsknots has been working half term (again!) and we haven't really been anyway so I decided we *were* going to go.

Miraculous it was a lovely Spring day yesterday but we're not fooled so we managed to get out of the door, all bundled up like we were going on an Arctic expedition; some more than other- Mr Nicsknots has managed to locate his lovely, bright 1980s continental looking C+A ski jacket so that came along making it easy to locate him should he have attempted to escape.

The park is free to enter but parking costs £5 for the day. I think that is a fab price but it would seem that some people object to paying that price because as soon as we got off the main road, there were cars abandoned by the side of the road by people who had clearly decided that they didn't need to pay for the upkeep and running of such a fab place.

Just by some amazing coincidence, Donna Wilson currently has a show at the park so there was lots of woolly fun. This display was just as we walked inside.  L wanted her photo taken next to the knitting!

Inside the gallery there was more Donna Wilson...

Outside there were loads of sculptures all around the park.

And a fair few confused signs...

No climbing or no picnics or no climbing picnics?  Mr Nicsknots suggested that it meant climbing picnic; you know, the kind where you climb up a tree then have a picnic there....ahh yes, of course!

The park is massive. We were there for about four hours and we only walked around about half of it so we will be back again. The sculptures are changing all of the time, these huge military jackets are just arriving, another one was just being moved into place as we were there.

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Stitched Together said...

I've always wanted to go there, but like you, it is a bit of a trek! Can I ask, what are the paths like? Are they wheelchair or scooter friendly?