Saturday, February 18, 2012


This morning I sprung out of bed for the first time in months. I've always been a morning person but this last few months, I haven't wanted to get out of bed in the mornings and the snooze button has been pressed so many times I have lost count....I have managed to get the 'getting ready for school' routine down to 20mins and that includes having a shower, breakfast, making two lunches, overseeing two children get ready and getting out of the door with everything we need (95% of the time) just so that I don't have to get up so I was quite surprised when I found myself out in the garden at 7:25, pegging the washing and letting the chickens out.

As the morning went on, the sun stayed out and it was almost like a Spring day. At last. Although I am a little scared that we are already nearly into March. This year is going so fast *already*

Saturday is Knot Just Knitting at my local yarn shop.  If you are me, Knot Just Knitting = too much talking, not enough looking at your knitting so you end up knitting your stitch marker into your knitting having to do lots of knitting backwards but I am told that if you are a good knitting, you can get some knitting done in this time!

Anyway, I came home in a good mood, picked up the post, opened a letter from the wonderful tax credits people and instantly got my grump on. According to the letter, after April, we won't be entitled to tax credits because we earn more than £26000. Ace.  I sulked around a bit, shared the doom on Twitter then decided to stop being grumpy and make some new bags with some new fabric I got from America this week, which incidentally, got caught in customs so I had to pay £11 for having spent £15.50 on material while it's ok for the fat cats to get out of paying vast amounts of tax, anyway, we are cheering up, ignoring the fact that it would seem the government want all of my money .........

After a bit of deliberating over the lining; pink or red, I wandered into the kitchen to find this hyacinth that Mr Nicsknots had just bought and decided that pink it would be, ready for Spring......

 So here we have the new bag for Spring.....

This fabric is lovely. It is organic cotton with a lovely sheen........ can see the pink just peaking through there, with my second sock escaping. Maybe it will be a finished object by next Friday?

The bag is now on my shiny, new shop. I'm not listing new things on my Folksy and Etsy shops because ultimately I want to direct all sales through my own shop. Fees on both, but Folksy especially, are just so high and if I am honest, I don't feel that I am getting any support from Folksy as I don't have the time to talk in the forums for the amount I am paying.

The new website is going well. I love having all of the control for it. I want to add a few more things and haven't had time to do that yet but it is cool at the moment and if you sign-up to my newsletter to find out all about what is going on in the Nicsknots world, you will get a discount from any purchases in my new shop until the end of the month.

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JayNic Knit Knacks said...

20 minutes?!?! Wow. It takes me an hour and it's just me, no kids. What's the secret?!?
Love the new bag. V cute.