Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday. A Woolsack confession.

I'm back on the WIP Wednesday wagon again. It is fairly ironic that the reason that I haven't been blogging my progress has been that I have been knitting on a Wednesday night so not had time to blog.  Anyway today I have a bit of a confession to make.

Before Christmas I signed up to do a cushion for Woolsack  at A Good Yarn. I said yes thinking the closing date of March was ages away and that I would have plenty of time after Christmas to do it. Before long it was after Christmas though and I still hadn't done anything about it so when Kate said that she would be having a day of knitting them, I thought it would be a fab idea to get started there.

The date was set but then J came home telling me that he was going on a school trip to a power station that day, then a few days later he asked if I would help on the trip; would I pick helping on a school trip. To a power station. In the Winter or a day of knitting, cups of tea and cake? Hmm. Tough choice ;) In the end I left it up to fate/J.  I told him that I could help and for him to tell his teacher. He forgot and by the time he had remembered, the teacher had sorted her helpers out so I wasn't needed so I was free to knit.  I'd just like to add here that I do help on loads of school trips for both J and L and went on a walk to the library with them in the rain a few weeks ago so I do do my fair share, I'm not that bad a Mum ;)

So today was the day, J went off to school, happy to be going on his trip, I went off for a few hours knitting.  Here is my progress;

 Over the months, my thoughts on patterns have changed from cables to mitred squares to all different patterns but then I decided that I wanted to practise knitting stripes. Until today my version of knitting stripes consisted of lots of loose ends as I cut the yarn after each block of colour, now I can carry the colours up the sides...easy when you know how and a simple pattern meaning that I could knit and talk at the same time and not go wrong.

While we were at the shop, the local paper came to take photos and interview us. The reporter they sent, a 'boy' as I called him (which maybe shows that I am getting a bit old) was fairly bemused by the whole thing; 'So you are knitting cushions, for the Olympics?' 'Do you really think the athletes will actually want the cushions?'  'Knitting's not really the kind of thing you expect young people to do...'. I can't wait to see what he writes up about it and I hope it encourages a few more people to join in with the project as Woolsack still need more people to join in and the deadline is getting ever closer.

We left the shop early to go and pick J and L up from school. J had had a great time on his trip only he had forgotten his packed lunch box and left it on the bus so had had to have lunch from things donated by his friends!! Oh dear, I'm feeling a little bit guilty for absconding and having a day of knitting!

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Evelyn said...

If J is anything like my kids then having food from other peoples lunchboxes would have been a lot of fun and well worth forgetting their lunchbox! :-)

Loving the stripes, I'd never thought of knitting cushion covers before, I'm now eye-ing up the tired-looking beige ones in our lounge...

Chrisknits said...

I am sure he and his friends thought it great fun! Why would the paper send a "boy". LOL! I can just imagine the story that comes of it.