Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Monday...on Tuesday.

I really wanted to join in with Making Monday yesterday but then we had a power cut yesterday evening and I ran out of time so it's today! 

It is Half Term here this week and J and L were ready for the break. J has had a fortnight of swimming lessons every afternoon at school and he is worn out. L has decided that reading all night is a much better idea than sleep so I was looking forward to some lazy days...but not yesterday.

Lou wanted me to teach her how to use my sewing machine and since I had told her that she couldn't come to the sewing class I was hosting at A Good Yarn, I thought it was only fair to use her as a guinea pig for my classes so we got busy with the sewing machine.

I was a bit scared about her learning to sew. To start with, this is the girl who when learning to ride her bike, would not pull the break but just carry on peddling, full-pelt into the nearest wall or lamp-post....imagine the speed she could make the machine go! She is also not known for her patience and knows better than Mummy 95% of the time. Oh and if she somehow managed to break my machine, I had no spare to work with.

Luckily all went well. I did count to 10 a fair few times but over all it was ok, there was no shouting and no sewn fingers so hooray for us!

After the working from home = not working myth, the next annoying comment that comes out of the mouth of other (not working from home) Mums is 'Oh you are so lucky, 'working' from home in the holidays, you don't have to sort out childcare, do you know how much it costs me.....'
Working during the holidays consists of lots of working before children wake up, lots of bribery of trips to the post office, library, park, cousins house and lots of working in the evening and me mainly feeling a bit guilty but we seemed to do well yesterday. I am lucky in that J and L play well together. They spent lots of time making a puzzle together, shortly before J decided that he didn't want L to help him so .......

 she went to build tree houses for Dora instead....

 The penultumate making of the day was this cake in the new silicone mould that M, J and Mr Nicsknots got on one of their 'buying random things at Aldi' trips.  This is as good as the cake looked because the last make of the day was a resolution never to use the stupid mould again because the cake got stuck in it and looked more like a broken heart...still, it will be ok with custard I guess!


blueadt said...

I've been working from home for the past 2 1/2 years and my daughter is 16 now so I've missed the school gate comments but still know exactly how you feel. It's hard working (on the phone) with a teenager blaring music out in the room next door, slamming doors as she's in a mood or just expecting me to ferry her around.

Also friends turn up/ring during the day expecting to chat for ages and seem offended when I say I've got to go as I'm working.

However the benefits are fantastic even though we've lost a room in our house to my office and the bills have risen as the electricity is being used.

Daisy said...

I have a friend who works from home a few days a week, but is employed like me - and the deal with work is that she HAS to have a nanny if her kids are at home whilst she's working. Hmm, acknowledgement that working from home and childcare don't actually go together, no matter those comments you've had!