Monday, October 29, 2012

Making Monday

Well, last week was a bit of a wash-out! Before I had my teeth out, I hadn't really thought that much about the after and had assumed that all would be ok, albeit a bit painful. Ironically I didn't have that much pain, more odd and discomfort but my cheek did swell up like there was a small alien growing in there and I was more tired than I have ever been in my life.  I would get up, do an hour or so of work then have to have a four hour nap! Not only that, I forgot what on earth I had been doing ten minutes beforehand. Cue lots of sulking....and being told off for sulking and to go to bed. Pff.

Anyway, today is Monday, a new week and I do feel better; I managed to eat proper food for the first time last night so maybe now I am eating more than chicken soup, ice cream and Ready Brek, I might have more energy. Lets hope so because it is Half Term and the kids have lots planned.

Last night while I was wandering around Ravelry, I found this website.  The author is planning on yarn bombing The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum in Gloucester, with red poppies for Armistice Day.  They need 500 poppies by 6th November. 

For a while now I have been worried that all I can actually crochet is granny squares because I have hooked nothing else for months and since I had red yarn and it sounded like a good cause, I thought I would have a go.  In my head I would have 10 before the end of Countryfile. In reality all I had by the time they had raced their pumpkins on Anglesey was a deformed red *thing* and a bad mood.

Before Lou went to bed she told me that it wasn't rubbish and that it was a lot better than she could make (ahhh) but the poppy was left, cast aside, until I asked the lovely Lottie for help and between us, we worked out what the pattern meant.  This morning I went to the shop and bought some black buttons and I don't think it looks too bad, after all...

I'm going to make a few more before I send them off. I would love to see the finished installation.

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