Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wooooooo WIP Wednesday

Happy Halloween!We have been busy carving pumpkins this week. Well, to be honest, Mr Nicsknots has been busy carving pumpkins this week with J and L and a drill. 

I find if I can include power tools into otherwise boring (in his head) activities, he is much more interested in the, it would seem, is my crazy daughter....

I appear to have a fair few WIPs this week. I have obviously still got the crocheted blanket but I have also started my Christmas knitting...this is what I needed that illusive 3.5mm needle for yesterday. It is a Bergere De France pattern and while reading through it last night, I did feel a bit out of my depth, it doesn't appear to be a particularly straight forward pattern...we will see!

I haven't made much progress on Drop City this week. I'm nearly half way there now so I need to get a move on.

Part of the reason why I have slowed down with my Drop City scarf is because this yarn came in the post yesterday and I know it will look fab as a looks fab just sitting with my new bag, never mind knitted up!

It is some new colour block yarn from The Knitting Goddess. ' ...created by machine knitting a blank, hand painting it, steaming the blank to set the colour, rinsing and rewinding..'  Yum!

I'm really trying to get my websites sorted out this week. I've scared myself as it is November tomorrow so not long until Christmas.  I have a list of bags and needle rolls I need to photograph and get on the site, lists of fabric, lists, lists, lists....

I got lots of things ticked off my vast list today so I treated myself by finally sewing up this fab fabric I have had for a month or so now..

It is ace! There is even a little pigeon there! The drawstring bag is available from my shop now :)

For more WIP Wednesday, have a look over at Tami's blog here.


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Ooh that yarn is gorgeous! Have you chosen a pattern for it yet?

Nicky said...

Although I'm anti Halloween I love, love, love that pumpkin. Your hubby did a wonderful job!!!!

All your WIPs look great too!