Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday..

After saying on Monday that we don't go on expensive days out every day of half term, today we went rock climbing at The Foundry in Sheffield. This was our treat of the week. L seems to have got to the 8yr old going on 16 stage and needed some bribery  gentle encouragement to behave herself so I thought the promise of a day out climbing might work and we have had a lot less tantrums and psychotic screaming so maybe it has worked..or maybe the wind has been blowing in the right direction..who knows what goes on in the head of an 8yr old.

We had a great day out. Normally, if we go climbing, we go to Rock City in Hull but they keep putting their prices up, we have to pay to get over the bridge and the staff are not unlike Lou on a bad day, being stroppy and generally unfriendly so we decided to go to Sheffield instead and we weren't disappointed.

The staff were all helpful, friendly and generally lovely. While J, Lou and I were waiting for M at the cafe when we had finished, one of the members of staff on his break was having a chat with us, asking J and L if they had had a good time and they had. Even when L had a bit of a fall-out with the wall, she still had time to smile for the camera....

While I was waiting for everyone to get ready to go out this morning, I took a few photos of my WIP this week.  It is Itty-bitty bunny from Issue 2 of Simply Crochet.  My fab friend is having a baby in just over a month and she is bunny-mad so it would be rude not to make one for her the baby.  I started this on Thursday night and after a panic to start with, it is all going ok and I appear to be able to read a crochet pattern...finally!!

I've got one leg and an ear to crochet then the sewing-up to do.  I'm a bit scared that it is going to end up with cock-eyed arms and legs but lets see how it goes....

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bibbitybob said...

Love the bunny, can't wait to see the finished product! x

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Daisy said...

Beautiful bunny!